Pastificio Artigianale

Pastificio Artigianale
Leonardo Carassai srl

Via XX Settembre, 38
62013 Campofilone FM

tel (+39) 0734 917025
fax (+39) 0734 935120

Pastificio Artigianale Leonardo Carassai is the natural evolution of an entrepreneurial adventure that the Carassai family undertook in 1850, starting with a water mill until today with this artisan factory for the production of Campofilone egg pasta. Tradition and innovation are the common denomination of the company's productive and commercial choices.

The factory can boast a pluriennial experience in the agroindustrial sector which is rooted in tradition and characterises each aspect of the production process.

Quality of raw materials, food safety of products, natural processing cycle, customer satisfaction are the expression of a quality-oriented policy that the company pursues throughout the processing chain: from bran milling to the production of Campofilone egg pasta.

Relying on this competence, the company's business purpose is not limited to the production of foodstuffs but it also embraces a wider view of total quality in terms both of product and of service delivered to the clientele.

Because wanting to do is useless without knowing how to do